Groundbreaking technology for the construction industry


Danish Wood Tech has developed and patented a breakthrough technology that fully impregnates wood with both fire safety and extreme durability as a result.


With Danish Wood Tech´s Fullwood process for wood impregnation, it is possible to achieve full impregnation with both water based and oil based liquids. This opens up for the use of non-toxic impregnation formulas. The Fullwood process also provides full impregnation of hardwood, as for example mahogany, oak and heart spruce. By using a mix of vacuum, pressure, and high frequency, to open the structures in the wood, the method permits the preservation agent to penetrate into the heart of the wood from different directions. Apart from the improved durability of the wood and the economic benefits it provides, the fire retardant properties give architects new opportunities to realize their vision in designs of buildings.


Pine wood treated with the DWT process

Danish Wood Tech treated wood


Since Fullwood prolongs the durability of wood extensively, the amount of wood to be cut down in the future will be reduced significantly as well. All in all, this means that wood treated this way can be used with a clear conscience indoor and outdoor.