Can the future be built in wood?


Wood is the most environmentally friendly raw material and by far the best material for construction.

All tests of fluid uptake and impregnation is carried out in cooperation with the DWTs partners. Test results have exceeded expectations and is extremely positive. A main conclusion is that DWT process has proven to be recorded significantly larger amounts of liquid in the timber structures than is possible with traditional waterproofing. Furthermore, the liquid absorbed more uniformly distributed in the wood structure, providing superior product qualities as a complete impregnation of the entire tree profile theoretically provides a greater resistance to damaging fungi and thus greater durability. Through Impregnated wood with cracks and openings or normal wear and tear will not give mushrooms etc. access to the untreated parts of the tree and thereby to climb a degradation.

DWTs high-frequency impregnation process was in a laboratory trial found to improve the retention of water soluble substances with about 40 % compared to traditional vacuum-pressure impregnation on dry Norway spruce (12 % moisture content).