Proof of concept

Our milestones

Current Fullwood production unit prototype.

2007 - 2013

Our founders were challenged by the Maersk Container Industry to develop a process to improve container floors wood durability. Inspired by their experience with high frequency electromagnetic waves the FULLWOODs concept was designed and formulated: a unique combination of high frequency electromagnetic waves with vacuum/pressure to achieve full impregnation. The technology was patented in 2007. Reference is made to our international patent application published as WO 2009/040656.

A production unit prototype, which allows 7.3 m3 of net wood content was developed. The Fullwood Production Unit was used for small scale Fullwood demonstration for first end-users and stakeholders to get initial market feedback.

The patent (EP2212070 B1) was granted in 2013.

2014 - 2017

In collaboration with Danish Technology Institute (DTI), the first tests were performed, demonstrating a higher impregnation than traditional vacuum/pressure, with the preservative permeating the heartwood. The results confirmed a further improved process which was patented in 2015. Reference is made to our international patent application published as WO 2016/138910. Patents have been granted in several countries.

A feasibility study was conducted in 2015. The viability of the process for the impregnation of different wood species, dimensions and preservatives was evaluated. The results support the reliability of applying water- and oil-based preservatives to wood and achieve full impregnation of softwood (spruce and pine) and hardwood (mahogany and oak) with retentions above 300 Kg/m3.

The relevant market segments for Fullwood were mapped out and analysed. The most attractive opportunities for Fullwood within the construction sector are: i) wood flooring, ii) processed wood and iii) wooden poles.

The legal framework that regulates the use of preservatives of each sub-sector and the competition were also analysed.

Under the MUDP project - Eco-friendly wood preservation with HF technology (funded by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency) and in collaboration with DTI and DIFST, we developed the “blueprint” of the process and defined the first technical specifications for the construction of a full-scale Fullwood Production Unit.

Images from wood treated with vacuum/pressure (A) and DWT process - Fullwood (B) before (I) and after 6-months exposure to environmental conditions (II). Damages in the wood are illustrated with asterisks (*).

An environmental screening of the technology was performed for comparison with traditional copper impregnation. This showed that Fullwood has positive environmental impact due to the elimination of hazardous preservatives.

We also undertake a 6-months field study in Thailand. Fullwood has increased durability than vacuum/pressure treated wood, which exhibits biological deterioration after exposure in the environmental (indicated in the figure with asterisks).

2018 - 2020

The process for the impregnation of different wood species has been further explored and was patented in 2018. The process involves using a combination of high pressure and ultrasound. Reference is made to our international patent application published as WO 2019/18509.

These milestones clearly show that FULLWOOD´s technology has been matured up to a TRL 6. We are thus ready to freeze the technology and undertake its maturation into a commercial ready device.

In 2019, we signed the first international license contract covering ten countries.

In 2020, negotiations are on-going with major players in the global woodworking industry.