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Innovative, patented

Fullwood Technology is the first treatment process, which makes it possible to fully treat most wood species including Spruce and Eucalyptus +50mm. This unleashes the huge potential in using locally grown wood. Fullwood Technology gives cheaper wood species similar or even better qualities and aesthetics than hardwood like Oak, Mahogany, and Teak.
Fullwood Technology makes most wood species durable, form stable or fire-resistant.
This opens new market segments as; constructional wood, Infrastructure, and interior.

From wood to fullwood

High frequency electromagnetic waves are applied to a vacuum/pressure process. This allows the natural preservatives to fully permeate the wood.

industry challenge

Wood modification is a key enabler of wood durability, with the EU wood preserving industry producing 6.5 million m3 of wood/ year. The majority of this wood is modified by traditional vacuum/pressure technology with toxic and environmental hazardous preservatives, namely water-borne agents, mainly containing copper and oil-borne agents, as creosote. Moreover, using this technology only 3 mm of softwood impregnation can be achieved.
FULLWOOD provides a unique processing technology that allows the woodworking industry to address the current regulatory requirements.

Where to use


Fullwood is suitable for a range of products
within infrastructure


Fullwood can be used for various products in
the construction industry


Fullwood can be used for design and
interior products